Police Hear Dead Woman Calling for Help

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The Mandela Effect

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What is the Mandela Effect?

It is the name given to an instance where an individual remembers a certain detail differently to how it currently is or a certain event happening at a different date or not even happening at all.

It derives from the fact that many people around the world have the memory that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980’s and not when he actually died in 2013.

Many believe that this is evidence that parallel universes really exists and those with alternative memories have somehow jumped realities and entered this timeline.

There are quite a lot of these alternative memories which people have got, some of which have even got me a little freaked out and questioning my own memories when I was doing a little research into this phenomenon. The Volvo logo, Star Wars, Loony Tunes and Forrest Gump memories just to name a few.

The Berenstain Bears is one of the most reported alternative memories people believe they have. Many remember reading the books, but that they were once called the Berenstein Bears and not Berenstain.


Some people believe they have memories of New Zealand being in a different place on the world map to where they are now, along with Australia, Sri Lanka, Honduras and many other places.  If actual New Zealanders believe their country was once in a different place then it would be very interesting.


Many have memories of Billy Graham dying around 2009 and that is funeral  was televised simultaneously on many networks in the United States. But he is still very much alive today.


There is also Looney Tunes. Many remember it being called Looney Toons. I also very much remember it being called Looney Toons,  but it has always been Looney Tunes apparently.


And then there is the famous scene and quote from Forrest Gump. “Life is like a box of chocolates”  I remember it being that and a lot of others too, but apparently it was and always has been “Life WAS like a box of chocolates”.  Check out the scene.

Also that famous scene and quote in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back. Darth Vader: “Luke I am your Father”.  He actually says “No, I am your father”. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid and I have always remembered him saying “Luke”

In Snow White, the evil queen actually says: “Magic Mirror on the wall” and not “Mirror mirror on the wall” as so many believe she said, including me.

There is also the field of dreams quote: “If you build it, he will come”  Many remember it being “If you build it, they will come”

In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit and devastated New Orleans.  Or was that April 2005 as so many remember it happening then.


There is the Volvo logo which I just happened to find out today. The Volvo logo I remember was the words Volvo in a square and not the male symbol is it has always been.


Then there are some words which those with alternative memories remember being spelled differently. Such as Definitely, some remember it being spelled as Definately and Parmesan, some remember it being spelled Parmasean.

That is just some examples of those suffering from the Mandela Effect have different memories of.

Could this be proof of other dimensions or timelines that some of us can jump between without knowing it or have done whether we like it or not, or could there be a simple rational explanation as to why this happens?

Some of those examples I’ve posted even I agree with and I’m questioning my own memories. Maybe I have jumped timelines without knowing it 🙂

If you want read more into the Mandela Effect and see a lot more examples then these links will point you in the right direction.  Have fun.

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Paranormal community shocked at the news of Mark and Debbie Constantino.

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I only just heard of this sad news today about the deaths of Mark and Debbie Constantino.

I’m an avid watcher of Ghost Adventures and both Mark and Debbie made quite a few appearances on the TV show helping the Ghost Adventures team with their investigations and recording EVP’s of which they were specialists in.


Mark & Debbie with Zak – Ghost Adventures

It shocked the paranormal community when the news broke. The US TV news channel KTVN reported that:

“The incident began when a woman returned to her home around 8:00am Tuesday, in the 2300 block of Escalera Court in North Reno, to find her male roommate dead. She called the Reno Police Department and also let them know that her other roommate, a woman, was missing and she was concerned for her safety.” It was later discovered that “…the missing woman was inside and that she was being held hostage by her estranged husband. Sparks Police identify that man as 53-year-old Mark Constantino and say he’s the one who fired the shots at them and is suspected in the death at the north Reno home.”

After the standoff with police, authorities entered the home of supposedly the Constantino’s adult child and the following was reported as occurring, “Negotiators from Reno and Sparks Police along with the local FBI attempted for several hours to get Constantino to surrender. Around 1:30 p.m., Sparks Police said their SWAT team made entry into the home and found Constantino and his estranged wife, who they say he kidnapped from the Reno location, dead inside the unit.” Another man was killed but his name is being withheld”.

Shocking stuff.  If you haven’t already, you can read the full story on the KTVN News site here

Most haunted house in Ireland?….. Nice try!!

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So earlier today while browsing Facebook I spotted a video which someone had shared. The video was entitled ‘Most haunted house in ireland’.

The video is filmed on a phone and shows very strong poltergeist activity in a kitchen of a house, which I guess is located somewhere in Ireland.

I delved a little deeper to see who had originally posted the video and found it was posted today on a Facebook page of someone called Ashy Murphy from Blackrock, Cork, in Ireland. She also happens to be the creator of the video.

The status Ashy Murphy posted said: “Its getting worse i defo have to move house”  followed by her video.

This is the video

Now upon first watch you might think wow scary, or you might instantly shout FAKE!!

Ashy Murphy had also posted another video days earlier which in her status she said “Ye think he have problems I’m down in the middle of no where with this happening to me wtf”

This is the video

If you shouted FAKE to both videos then you would be right!

They are both a load of tosh and if people can’t see how fake they are then they need their eyes examined.

There are some comments on YouTube which think its real…Seriously!   But there are also a lot more who have spotted how fake these video’s are, the second one in particular.

Although looking at Ashy’s friends comments on her Facebook page it looks like she has convinced them.

First off the window is slightly ajar where fishing line or very fine wire can easily be fed through and someone can easily be outside tugging on the wire.

When the cupboard door slams open, on the window sill there is a bottle of something that looks like washing up liquid which wobbles as if something had snagged on it.

And then there is the fact that a wire can be seen around the 1:34 minute mark as they close the cupboard door.  Shown here, I took a screen shot and circled the wire.


Not only is this wire a big giveaway, look at the way the light is swinging around the 1:25 minute mark, the power cord from the ceiling bends and is blatantly being tugged towards the window.


Then of cause you see someone at the door near the end of the video. Even the dog lying on the couch looks at the door, and would the dog be happily snoozing on that couch if all this poltergeist activity was actually going on.  Also whats with loud music in both videos!

Anyway it seems either Ashy Murphy is after some attention, looking to move house or maybe she is up to some scam but she needs to try harder.

The YouTube videos are getting quite a lot of views, well into the tens of thousands and also thousands of shares on facebook when I last looked, and I’m sure some newspaper might pick it up and post it on their site or on their own Facebook page, so I thought I would post this to show people its all crap, but you all probably instantly thought that anyway.

Definitely no ghosts to be seen here.  We need to out the fakers and find real paranormal activity.

I’ll not link the Facebook page on this post, though I doubt it will be very hard to find Ashy’s page if you feel the need to look.

FBI were concerned about a Japanese UFO museum

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A UFO museum which was planned to open in Japan in 1994 allegedly made the FBI very concerned about what visitors to the Hakui Centre for UFO research might have found.

Files regarding the museum were kept by the US government and what made the FBI concerned was some information that claimed the museum had stumbled across a memo that suggested the FBI had found three metallic saucer-shaped objects, each containing three-foot tall occupants.

The memo begins with the name of the person who furnished the information, but the name has been blackened out.

The memo read: “An investigator for the Air Forces states that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a…

“According to Mr [name blackened out] informant, the saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar set-up in that area and it is believed the radar interferes with the controlling mechanism of the saucers.

“No further evaluation was attempted by SA [blackened out] concerning the above.”

The Hakui Centre for UFO Research hoped to open so both UFO specialists and the general public would have been able to access over 10,000 official documents relating to UFO’s and aliens. These are now available in the FBI vault online. The information would have been provided in both Japanese and English.

So the UFO museum never came to be, but is suggested that the original building is now the Cosmo Isle Hakui,  a UFO and NASA research museum. Most of the museum focuses on SETI, past and present space missions and explorations.

Strange UFO like plasma seen in the skies of Rhode Island

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Just a quick one today.

This video, uploaded to YouTube, was shot in Hope Valley on Rhode Island on the east coast of the US.

It shows what looks like a load of strange UFO’s which appear to melt like plasma in the sky.

Some UFO enthusiasts believe this phenomenon is caused by UFO plasma melting into the atmosphere.

Whatever it is, it’s certainly strange.

Shooting star UFO’s are witnessed by many people hovering over Los Angeles

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A video has appeared on YouTube which shows two UFO’s hovering above Los Angeles. It was filmed from the Griffin Observatory and witnessed by a large group of bystanders.

The video was taken by Chris Montague. He was with a group of locals that had gone up to the well-known viewpoint to take a look at the city by night.

In his video, two lights can be seen in the sky hovering above the city. You can also hear Chris and the other bystanders speculating on what they could be.

Apparently the lights were falling like shooting stars before they started to hover, but that happened before the video started recording.

When one person can be heard questioning whether it could be a UFO, a man answers “It has to be, it’s not even moving”

He then jokes “Are we going to have guys in black suits confiscate our phones on the way out”

Chris wasn’t the only person to capture the event on video. Another YouTube user called FullyShadow also uploaded video footage taken from a different area of the city.

Some people believe the lights were actually from a group of Navy Seal parachutists who were performing at a USC football game that evening.

Although others argue that they were nothing to do with the football game.

One guy Brad Montgomery said “I’ve read through the comments and it is not associated with USC or navy seals. That object straight disappeared then reappeared in a new place, and moved left to right and in free motion as if not bound by our typical airplane like path”

The video is a little strange, at least its clearer than most UFO videos and it was witnessed by a large group of people. Maybe it was Navy Seals parachuting down, who knows, someone must, but maybe it will always remain a mystery.